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Understanding RTMP ingest vs segment based transcoding
How to live stream with RTMP ingest
How to live transcode with .ts segment based ingest

Understanding RTMP ingest vs segment based transcoding

The Livepeer API currently supports two types of ingest: RTMP ingest and .ts segment-based ingest.


For most users, RTMP ingest meets their needs. If you are creating a live streaming platform or app, the RTMP ingest workflow will best meet your needs.

The only prerequisite for using RTMP features in the Livepeer API is to be able to create a RTMP stream. ffmpeg or OBS are popular options for creating an RTMP stream, but you can also use any RTMP library, for example Streamaxia in iOS.

.ts Segment-based Ingest

More advanced video infrastructure developers who want to integrate Livepeer into their video software or media server will want to ingest each .ts segment individually via http push.

The Livepeer API will not segment your stream for you. To live transcode .ts segments, API users must provide incoming video already segmented into .ts video segments in h.264. We recommend segmenting the video into the smallest size possible to minimize latency. Each segment should ideally contain a single keyframe interval.

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