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Using for live streaming
How to live stream with the dashboard
How to create a stream
Feature Support Matrix

Using to do live streaming

You can live stream by using the dashboard, or using the API.

Using the dashboard

If you are doing manual broadcasts like streaming events, concerts, or webinars, you can use the dashboard.

You can manually create streams, and directly use broadasting software like OBS to broadcast into the streams.

Using the API

If you are creating a live streaming platform or app, the API will best meet your needs.

The only prerequisite for using RTMP features in the API is to be able to create a RTMP stream. ffmpeg or OBS are popular options for creating an RTMP stream, but you can also use any RTMP library, for example Streamaxia in iOS.

Feature Support Matrix

You can use the feature support matrix to understand whether supports your feature requirements.
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