API requests

The Livepeer.com API is a live video streaming API. With the Livepeer.com API, you or the client can configure details for live broadcasting software, generate a playback URL for stream viewers, get usage data about your stream sessions and more. Explore the Livepeer.com API reference for more information.

The Livepeer.com API base url is https://livepeer.com/api/. As you make requests, the Livepeer.com API returns JSON responses.

The Livepeer.com API uses API keys to authenticate most requests, including all requests associated with creating and retrieving a stream or session object.

The Livepeer.com API uses Bearer authentication. You or the client must send an API key in the Authorization header when making requests to protected information:

Authorization: Bearer <api-key>

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. API requests without proper authentication will fail.

The Livepeer.com API uses conventional HTTP status codes.

2XX = success

4XX = client error, problem with information provided

5XX = internal server error, problem with Livepeer.com servers