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How to broadcast a live stream with the API

Your users or your application will need to be able to push an RTMP stream. To broadcast a live stream, you’ll need to have created a stream object with a streamKey. You also need to know your ingest base URL.

Depending on the software used to push your RTMP stream, you’ll be prompted for the following:

  1. Stream Key: In some cases, this is called a "Stream Name." Input your streamKey not your stream object name.
  2. Server URL: Input the RTMP ingest base URL.
  3. Location or URL: Input the ingest url with the streamKey appended. For example, if your base URL is rtmp://{region}, use rtmp:/{region}

Optimization: Set keyframe intervals

Livepeer works best with consistent, short keyframe intervals, ideally 2 seconds.

You should set or encourage your users to set this in their broadcasting software. In OBS, you can set this by going to "Settings" --> "Output", change the "Output Mode" from "Simple" to "Advanced" and set the "Keyframe interval" to 2.

Next, learn how to verify stream status with the API.
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