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Core concept: parent stream and stream session
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The relationship between parent-config and child-session stream objects

Livestreaming with is easy. The first step is understanding the stream object.

There are two types of stream objects.

  • A child stream object is a single live streaming session.
  • A parent stream object shows the configuration and metadata totals of all its child stream sessions.

Here are some core concepts about the stream object:

  • The parentId of a child-session stream object is the same as the id of its parent stream object.
  • Child-session stream objects are read-only.
  • Parent stream objects are read-write.
  • The playback URL for a live (isActive: true) parent stream object is the same for all its sessions.
  • The recording playback URL for each completed live streaming session is unique and available as a parameter on the child-session stream object when requesting a list of stream sessions.

Next, learn how to create a parent-config stream object with the API.
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