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How to record stream sessions with the Dashboard

Please note this beta feature is a new and still being optimized. Send feedback to [email protected].

Recording livestreams is easy.

  • Recording is turned off by default
  • Record ON means that new sessions are recorded.
  • Record OFF means that new sessions are not recorded.
  • When updating this setting, note that in progress sessions will adhere to the on/off setting when the livestream began. The changed setting only applies to new stream sessions.
  • The adaptive bitrate (ABR) settings for the recording are inherited from the transcoding profiles set for the livestream. At this time you cannot set recording-specific ABR settings.
  • Playback is delivered via's CDN by default.

Please note if you are using OBS, set your keyframe interval to 2 for beta recording to work best.

Turn recording on/off

Open your account and navigate to the streams list page,, and create a new stream or click on existing stream. You will be redirected to the stream page.

In the Recording sessions row, select Record ON to turn recording on or Record OFF to turn recording off.

The page will refresh, saving your recording settings.

Recording playback URL

The session recording playback URL will be available about 5 minutes after the live stream ends and will appear in the session table at the bottom of the stream page. Note the session table only appears after one completed livestreaming session.

Next, learn how to delete a stream in the dashboard.
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