Livepeer Features

Each instance of MistServer is aware of multiple ingest points in the Livepeer network. This allows MistServer to quickly failover to another ingest point in case the current ingest point becomes unstable or unavailable, without interrupting the stream.

The Livepeer network has ingest points across North America, Europe, and Asia. This means applications can use Mist and Livepeer to serve a global operation.

Automated geo load balancing makes configuration very simple. Video will automatically be transcoded at the closest location to the source.

The Livepeer infrastructure is quite powerful and aims to keep the latency as low as possible, it is however currently limited in the sense that it needs to build a buffer of a whole segment before it has something to transcode. The transcode itself goes faster than real time, which helps in keeping the latency low, but it will always be behind by the GOP size (keyframe interval) + network latency.

Livepeer routes your live streams to the nearest available datacenter to ensure your streamers and live stream viewers have a consistent, high quality experience with the minimum latency can provide. In the future we will be moving to a fully streaming workflow removing this limitation and lowering latency even further.