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How to create a stream and define renditions

The first step to live transcoding .ts segments is creating a stream.

Create a stream by sending POST to with name and profiles.

You can define the stream name parameter and the rendition profiles.

Each rendition profile includes name, bitrate, fps, width and height. If you need guidance setting up your rendition profiles, Apple's recommended settings for HLS ladders is a good starting point.

Here is an example request:

curl -X POST \
-H 'content-type: application/json' \
-H 'authorization: Bearer {api_key}' \
-d '{
"name": "test_stream",
"profiles": [
"name": "720p",
"bitrate": 2000000,
"fps": 30,
"width": 1280,
"height": 720
"name": "480p",
"bitrate": 1000000,
"fps": 30,
"width": 854,
"height": 480
"name": "360p",
"bitrate": 500000,
"fps": 30,
"width": 640,
"height": 360
}' \

The json response includes the stream id parameter. You'll need that later.

Here is an example response.

"profiles": [
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