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Get an API key

Verify a live stream is active

Create a stream

Playback a live stream

Record a live stream session

Stream delivery via CDN

Redundant back-up transcoding

Tips for reducing latency

Handling disconnects

Debug live stream issues

Create paywall

Supported codecs and workflows

API Requests

Using livepeer.com in your app

Usage and Billing

#Get an API key

You need an API key to make requests of the Livepeer.com API. You do not need to create an API key if you are creating and configuring live streams using the Livepeer.com Dashboard only.

Login to the Livepeer.com Dashboard, and navigate to the API Keys tab, livepeer.com/app/user/keys. On this page, you can create, delete and find out the most recent usage of your API keys.

When you create a new API key, copy and secure the API key. This key is a secret, and for your security, Livepeer.com will not show it to you again.

If you forget your API key, delete the forgotten key, and create a new API key.