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Verify a live stream is active

Create a stream

Playback a live stream

Record a live stream session

Stream delivery via CDN

Redundant back-up transcoding

Tips for reducing latency

Handling disconnects

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Supported codecs and workflows

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Using livepeer.com in your app

Usage and Billing

#Supported codecs and workflows

Ingest Support

LocationEU, US
Ingest FormatRTMP
Ingest CodecH264 + AAC
Ingest AuthenticationWebhook based
Encoder SoftwareSupported tested: OBS 25.0.8, ffmpeg 4.3, Streamaxia
Supported untested: Xsplit, Other versions of OBS and ffmpeg, other RTMP encoders
Unsupported: WebRTC and SRT encoders
ResolutionSupported tested: custom resolution up to 1080p
Supported untested: custom resolution up to 4k
Frameratebetween 5fps and 60fps, passthrough or custom
GOP Size (Keyframe Interval) Supported tested: Constant GOP, Variable GOP of 0.5s to 8s
Supported untested: Variable GOP not within 0.5s to 8s

Transcoding Support

LocationEU, US
CodecH264 + AAC
H264 Transcoding ProfilesBaseline, Main, High
FPSSupported tested: 24, 25, 30, 60 fps, uniform across all renditions
Supported untested: custom fps, uniform across all renditions
ResolutionSupported tested: custom resolution up to 1080p
Supported untested: custom resolution up to 4k
Pixel FormatYUV4:2:0

Video Workflow Support

Latency10-18 seconds with good RTMP ingest health, 2s segment size, and standard 3 seg buffering in player
Live Output FormatHLS playback URL (m3u8)
Video PlayersSupported tested: video.js, hls.js, safari/ios native player, Theoplayer
Supported untested: JWPlayer, android native, Shaka, Exo, Bitmovin, Brightcove
Video Delivery LocationSupported tested: EU, US
Supported untested: Asia, South America, Australia, Africa
Live stream recordingONLY available for paying users. HLS playback URL (m3u8) available 5 minutes after session ends. Livepeer.com stores recording and serves playback via CDN. There is no limit on recording length.
Recording Output FormatHLS playback URL (m3u8)
CDN DeliveryCDN delivery is ONLY available for paying users
Non-CDN DeliveryNon-CDN delivery for free tier users is limited to 10 viewers per account
Free tier users will have transcoding limited to 240p after 30 free minutes
Custom CDNOnly for custom pricing tier users
Stream Statusactive or inactive
Stream LengthWe can support streams up to 12 hours in length. Please reach out to [email protected] if you’re looking to run longer uninterrupted streams through Livepeer.
Scalability1000 concurrent streams across all users. Please contact us at [email protected] for additional capacity