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Configure broadcast software

Get an API key

Verify a live stream is active

Create a stream

Playback a live stream

Record a live stream session

Stream delivery via CDN

Redundant back-up transcoding

Tips for reducing latency

Handling disconnects

Debug live stream issues

Create paywall

Supported codecs and workflows

API Requests

Using livepeer.com in your app

Clone an example app

Live streaming from your app

Selecting a video player for your app

Use a custom domain for live streaming

Per stream metrics

Usage and Billing

#Selecting a video player for your app

Livepeer.com works with any video player that supports HLS live streams.

Other considerations are if the player provides analytics out of the box and if you can easily style the player.

Some open source players enjoyed by current Livepeer.com users are Video.js and Shaka Player.

Livepeer users have also successfully used video players like JWPlayer or TheoPlayer.