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Understanding RTMP ingest vs segment based transcoding
How to live stream with RTMP ingest
How to live transcode with .ts segment based ingest

How to playback a stream

The playback URL is based on the region your stream originates in. It is an HLS stream.

The playback URL is listed on the stream page.

All sessions for a stream have the same playback URL.

The playback URL for RTMP streams is delivered via a CDN (content delivery network). The transcoded video stream automatically switches between the transcoded renditions based on the viewers’ available bandwidth, device performance, and network conditions.

What if the playback URL isn’t working?

Look at the last seen at and status fields on the stream page. If ingest was properly configured for playback, the last seen at field will show the current date and time and the status will be active.

If this isn't the case, confirm the stream key and RTMP ingest URL are configured correctly in your broadcast software.

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