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Understanding RTMP ingest vs segment based transcoding
How to live stream with RTMP ingest
How to live transcode with .ts segment based ingest

Understanding the stream page specifications

Navigate to a stream page by clicking on a stream name on the stream list page,

The stream name is at the top of the stream page.

These are the other fields on the stream page.

Stream keyYour stream key is a secret. Protect this key. The stream key is used to authenticate while ingesting RTMP streams.
RTMP ingest URLYour RTMP ingest URL is based on the region your stream originates in. The regional ingest URLs are the following:
  • North America: rtmp://
  • EU: rtmp://
Playback URLThe playback URL is based on the region your stream originates in. The playback URL is listed on the stream page.
RenditionsThe width (pixels), height (pixels) and frame rate (frames per second) for each rendition are listed.
Created atThis is the local date (MM/DD/YYYY) and time the stream was created.
Last seen atThis is the most recent date and time a video segment for this stream was transcoded.
StatusEither active or idle.
  • active: there is an active stream session
  • idle: there is not an active stream session
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