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Chief of Staff

Are you excited about entrepreneurial leadership, and working closely with successful repeat founders to lead operations in a fast moving, early stage startup environment? Do you thrive on synthesizing loads of complex information, and emerging with a clear and actionable plan? Are you excited about operational strategy, design, and cross-functional execution to help a business achieve its goals? Do you want to see blockchain technologies succeed at making a real world impact in the multi-billion dollar video streaming and infrastructure markets? If so, then the Livepeer Chief of Staff position may be right for you.


Marketing Lead

Does the challenge of building out and operating the marketing function at an early stage start up looking to disrupt the online video streaming industry sound exciting? Have you been part of that journey in prior roles and want the opportunity to lead that journey as your next challenge? If you have experience across most aspects of marketing in a business and developer oriented technology startup you should consider the opportunity to join Livepeer as our Marketing Lead.


Senior Software Engineer - Video Transcoding

Are you an engineer who loves video processing software? Are you excited about the challenges of creating a decentralized video infrastructure network? Are you interested in creating open source software that unlocks the massive video processing capabilities of hardware around the world? If so, you should consider joining Livepeer as a senior software engineer.


Senior Video Infrastructure Engineer

Are you a video engineer who has built large scaled video deployments with tools like Kubernetes? Are you excited about the challenges of creating a DevOps stack in various environments instead of only on AWS, GCP, or Azure? Are you interested in distributed systems and open source video software? If so, you should consider joining Livepeer as a senior video infrastructure engineer.


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