Livepeer Catalyst
Take any media from any location, using any method, and deliver it seamlessly to anyone, anywhere, in any format. Create your own decentralized media server for ingest, video workflows and transcoding with Livepeer Catalyst.

Livepeer Catalyst is open source and full-featured. Create your own media server to access scalable streaming, no matter the device or connection.

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Automate your video workflowManage streams, automations, and logging from a user-friendly UI Dashboard.
Best in class compatibilityIngest any video stream or file and deliver it to any device. By standardizing inputs and outputs, Catalyst lets you use any media format to provide consistent viewing experiences - no matter the environment.
Lightweight, with high-performanceEfficient runtime plus on the fly repackaging of all common delivery formats.
Easily transcode streams on the Livepeer networkEasily tap into the Livepeer network for transcoding and reduce costs by 10x.

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