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A hosted video streaming API and management dashboard designed to support video app development from capture to playback.

Scale your video streaming with affordable, reliable, decentralized infrastructure.

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Accessible, streaming APIStart and scale your own live streaming app with a few API calls. Let Livepeer handle the infrastructure so you can focus on extraordinary user experiences.
Always-on transcodingTap into Livepeer’s superpower: a decentralized network of always-on, incentivized transcoding providers around the globe. Expect zero boot-up latency for every API request.
Industry shattering pricesIt's our mission to make streaming infrastructure affordable, accessible, and open to everyone building the next generation of video apps.
Web3 native and readyFor 5+ years, Livepeer has built the video layer for Web3 apps. From live broadcast and the creator economy to metaverse and video NFTs, our chain-agnostic toolkit can power your streams.

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