We’re building the future of video infrastructure services.

We're comprised of team members dedicated to building affordable, scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use video infrastructure services.

Doug Petkanics

Founder, CEO

Eric Tang

Founder, CTO

Philipp Angele

Director of Video Product

Yondon Fu

Director of Engineering

Eli Mallon

Director of Engineering

Adam Soffer

Senior Software Engineer

Paige Glowacky

Product Manager

M. Yahya

Software Engineer

Ivan Tivonenko

Software Engineer

Jai Luthra

Software Engineer

Oscar Davids

Software Engineer

Nick Huang

Software Engineer

Victor Elias

Software Engineer

Alexander Tibbets

Director of Marketing

Meredith Tretiak

Head of Marketing, Livepeer.org

Shannon Wells

Head of Community and Governance

Shaykara Waajid

Head of People

Jaron Viëtor

VP of Engineering

Carina Keizer-van der Meer

Systems and Operations Manager

Siddarth Tegginamani

Senior Software Engineer

Ramkoemar Bhoera

Software Engineer

Marco van Dijk

Software Engineer

Balder Viëtor

Head of Testing

Petya Katsarova

Junior Front-End Engineer

Rafal Leszko

Senior Software Engineer

Hunter Hillman

Senior Product Manager - Public Network

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