Use cases
Build live streaming applications for the creator economy.
Add live streaming to your creator platform with’s easy-to-use API, so your creators can engage with their communities using the highest engagement format: live video streaming.

A video API uniquely tailored to address the needs of today’s creator platforms.

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Easy-to-use's API offers a simple integration that scales as you grow. By taking away the video infrastructure complexity, you can focus on building the right features for your platform's community.
Multicast to social channelsSimultaneously stream into multiple destinations such as Youtube Live or Facebook Live, so your content can be pushed to where the audience is.
Low’s API provides 10x the cost savings compared to other cloud based live streaming solutions. Spend less on streaming cost, pass on more value to the creators.
AI-powered content moderationAutomatically detect copyrighted content or adult content to protect your platform and your users from abuse.

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