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Scalable, secure live transcoding at a fraction of the cost

Livepeer provides live video transcoding infrastructure designed to be affordable, scalable, secure, and reliable.
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How we benefit your business

High Reliability - Livepeer

High Reliability

Utilizes massively distributed and available infrastructure to provide highly redundant and reliable transcoding capacity.
Perfect Quality - Livepeer

Perfect Quality

Enabling affordability and reliability allows for perfect quality by making it feasible to deliver optimised renditions to every user and device.
Unmatched Affordability - Livepeer

Unmatched Affordability

Livepeer’s transcoding infrastructure is over 10x cheaper than comparable public cloud infrastructure.
Infinite Scalability - Livepeer

Infinite Scalability

Livepeer unlocks unused capacity in vastly distributed crypto mining farms enabling unparalleled scalability.
Environmentally Friendly - Livepeer

Environmentally Friendly

Livepeer’s approach can be up to 30x more efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to public cloud infrastructure

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What the industry is saying

Livepeer is an exciting open-source video transcoding solution that has the potential to be highly reliable and price disruptive.
Flávio Ribeiro
Director of Eng., CBS Interactive
Flávio Ribeiro
Livepeer is an incredible team building the future of video infrastructure services.
Ben Rubin
CEO, Houseparty (Acquired by Epic Games)
Ben Rubin

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If you’d like to learn more about Livepeer and our game changing transcoding infrastructure drop us a note, and we’ll get right back you.

or email us at [email protected].

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