Use cases
Create a live streaming platform for musicians. offers high quality live video streaming at a low cost so you can give musicians and their fans the best experience possible.

A video API uniquely tailored to address the needs of today’s live streaming platforms for musicians.

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Easy-to-use APITake care of the live streaming with a few simple API calls, so you can focus on making the best application for your musicians.
High Quality StreamingCapture the magic moments in live performances with HD video quality, and deliver the best possible viewing experience to fans.
Low’s disruptive pricing enables music live streaming platforms to share a bigger portion of the pie to the musicians.
AI-powered content moderationAutomatically detect copyrighted content or adult content to protect your platform and your users from abuse.
Case Study

PlayDJ, bringing DJ’s into people's homes during lockdown.

PlayDJ is a streaming platform that connects the worlds DJ's to a global audience of music lovers.
ProblemFaced with unsustainable costs brought on by its exponential growth in users, PlayDJ was forced to shut down their service for several weeks and rethink how to build an economically viable video centric creator platform. was able to integrate into their infrastructure within days and avoid expensive hardware investments achieving what they were not able to do with traditional transcoding platforms - a 10x reduction in transcoding costs, seamless scalability given a growing user base, and easy API integration.Read the full story
Partnering with has allowed to get ahead of our competitors through innovation and new technology.
Tom Burman, Co-founder

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